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San Carlos Indian Reservation Electronic Predator and Other Game Animal Calling submitted on May,20 2010 by Mark Healy


San Carlos is a spectacular place to hunt, both in terms of the scenic views and the variety of predators you can call there.  But, is it legal to use your electronic caller on their reservation?

As of this Wildlife Callers blog post (May 2010) it is NOT legal to use an electronic call to call/attract any animals with an electronic call on the San Carlos Reservation. 

San Carlos Indian Wildlife & Recreation Regulation 002-M

You can access the regualtion by CLICKING HERE and then choosing “Regulations” on the left margin.

Here is alink to a video talking about this subject: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2eS9Z1B7Ps

 Yes, some of the rules and regs on San Carlos have changed often and this one is no exception.  However, better to know the current rules and either use hand calls, or go somewhere else.  I’ve hunted on San Carlos for the past 24 years and I will be headed elsewhere until it changes back.  Dave Martens and I have spent thousands of dollars in permit fees on San Carlos and we’re not sure what they’re trying to accomplish with this rule.   Hopefully it will change soon, but until it does the hand calling crowd will have it all to themselves!!

San Carlos has also been a hot hunting spot for out of state hunters looking for lots of ground to hunt and reasonable daily rates for predator calling and small game hunting.  If you know an out of stater that likes predator calling and hunting on San Carlos, please pass this blog post along.  The San Carlos Game & Fish guys have always been great with us, but they absolutely will ticket violators and confiscate your caller.

Thank you again for your questions that give us these opportunities to do some research and blog about it.  As always, subscriptions to the blog are FREE. 

Mark Healy


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